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    Need to sell your house?  Whether that is right away, or just knowing it is on the timeline may be stressing you out. So many thoughts and steps are involved in the process. It can feel overwhelming figuring out if your house is worth the effort of fixing it up or selling as is. You are probably not the only one who feels this way and selling your

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Welcome to the Homeowner’s Stress Relief Program!

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🛑 Do you know the most common nightmare Chattanooga homeowners fall victim to❓ Bad information! Most homeowners have an enormous amount of work to do if they ever want top dollar for their house. 😭 This is the first stab 🔪 at every seller’s confidence. Every little flaw starts to stick out like a sore thumb as soon as that “For Sale” sign goes up. You can become immediately overwhelmed

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Reality Real Estate Show 8/31/16 – Who do we buy houses from?

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Find out what we do. Who we buy houses from. How we help. Connect with us on Facebook @ I Buy Chattanooga Houses or

Reality Real Estate Show 8-31-17

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Who do we buy houses from? How does our process work? How you can connect with us.

Reality Real Estate Show 7-27-17 with Jennifer Holder from CNE

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This was a great show. Learn what Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise does in Chattanooga. How they help with affordable housing. Educating home buyers about purchasing a house and how to handle money. Thanks to Jennifer for joining us on the show!   

Reality Real Estate Show 6-8-17

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My guest is Michele Peterson from Urban Lawn. We talk about the growth of Chattanooga’s south side and where she is investing her time and money.

Reality Real Estate Show 5/11/17 with Tax Assessor Marty Haynes

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Learn all about how your property taxes are calculated and why they may have risen over the last few years.

Reality Real Estate Show 4/20 with guest Red Bank mayor John Roberts

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Reality Real Estate Show 3-23-17

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Reality Real Estate Show on

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  What you will learn. Who I am. Who I can help. What you need to do. Contact us @