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🛑 Do you know the most common nightmare Chattanooga homeowners fall victim to❓

Bad information!

Most homeowners have an enormous amount of work to do if they ever want top dollar for their house. 😭

This is the first stab 🔪 at every seller’s confidence. Every little flaw starts to stick out like a sore thumb as soon as that “For Sale” sign goes up. You can become immediately overwhelmed by everything that needs improvement. 🤯

First… you notice every single wall needs a fresh coat of paint. This isn’t too expensive if you do it yourself, but then…

When are you going to have time? Your time is already maxed out with work and family. You also need a little time for yourself so you don’t go insane…

You realize… “It’s going to take me forever just to get the walls painted!” 😱

So, maybe a month later you’ve got the walls painted…

You tell yourself… “Okay, I’m making progress.” 👍

You tell yourself it’s going to be okay. Then you step out to see how the outside looks and… You get another reality check….

“Ahhh… the outside looks disastrous!” 😨

You realize the whole house needs pressure washed. The yard needs fresh sod and flowers. The roof has missing shingles.

And it sets in… “This is turning out to be a complete nightmare! I don’t have time for all this! I’m never going to get this house ready to sell…” 🤬

If by some miracle, you can do all that by yourself. And you can avoid the extra costs of hiring someone. You still haven’t even started updating your prehistoric looking kitchen! If you want any hope of impressing a buyer you can NOT skip the kitchen! You’re going to need granite counter tops and stainless-steel appliances…

Do you know that the average cost to update a kitchen is 💲21,976?❗️

“Say what???” 😥

Then… the bathroom is going to need a nice update…

There’s another 💲9,639 down the drain!

You start to panic… “This is all starting to pile up super fast!” 😭

Now, the floors need replaced. The plumbing has also been leaking. So you have to fix the plumbing. Plus… the plumbing caused water damage that needs fixing. And hopefully the water didn’t cause any issues with the electrical wiring…

You will have to fork out at least another 💲3,521 if the wiring needs repair!

Plus there are septic tanks, heating/cooling issues, hot water heaters that go out. And… heaven forbid you need to replace that roof that hasn’t been touched in 10 years…

You’re looking at upwards of 💲63,336 before you can even think about selling your house for top dollar. 🤯

And in some cases… if you have big problems… you’re looking at more than that before you can even pass the inspections! If you’re house won’t pass inspections, then a buyer can’t get a loan on the house…

Believe us… we’ve seen it❗️

Now, you realize another harsh truth… “I don’t have $63,336 laying around!” 😱

Most people don’t…

And I hate to tell you this… That doesn’t even include the costs to advertise your house. This is an unavoidable cost… How are buyers going to know your house is for sale if you don’t advertise it❓

At this point, you have pulled money out of your savings and retirement fund to sell your house for top dollar. This house is sucking the life out of you and replacing it with stress at it’s full wrath… Selling your house is now putting your health in jeopardy…. 🤢

The biggest stress… Is it’s been six months since you invested your life into this house and it still hasn’t sold! 😭

Every waking hour you’re now asking yourself… “What am I going to do?” 😱

You’ve had a few lookers here and there but nothing has panned out…They didn’t like the color of the walls. They didn’t like the appliances you installed. They didn’t want sod, they wanted fescue grass.

Home buyers are extremely picky for reasons we may never understand…

Now… do you remember when I mentioned the most common nightmare homeowners fall victim to❓ I said it was bad information❓

You have been brainwashed to think that draining your energy and your bank account to get the highest price means getting top dollar…

❌ That couldn’t be further from the truth ❌ 20 years of buying and selling houses in Chattanooga has taught us…

The truth is top dollar doesn’t mean getting the highest price.

Top dollar means putting the most money 💵 in your pocket at the closing table.

A lot of homeowners miss the big picture. The truth is when you put all that time and money into getting “top dollar” you’re actually only breaking even. Or worse… losing money. 💸

So in reality… you wasted an enormous amount of time in constant stress. Time you’ll never get back… All only to feel like you made a lot of money because the sell price was high.

So… you have to ask yourself…

“Do I want to drain my bank account, my time, and my sanity for the next 12 months to get the highest sell price❓”

That sounds ridiculous, once you can see the full picture❗️


What if I told you there was a smarter, better way? A new, proven way to instantly sell your house and walk away stress-free with a fist full of cash 🤑 and a smile on your face? 😊

Introducing… “The Homeowner’s Stress-Relief Program!” 😎

✅ Our unique system has helped more than 107 Chattanooga homeowners sell their house stress-free❗️

✅ Our unique system doesn’t follow the rules of traditional real estate transactions. This means no updates, no repairs, no inspections, no advertising costs and no closing costs❗️

Did you feel that❓

That massive feeling of relief❓

That’s what having options feels like❗️

Now, here’s the thing…

We don’t have a bottomless pit of cash to buy everyone’s house in Chattanooga… So we are only accepting 3 more homeowners into the Homeowner’s Stress-Relief Program!

✅ Make sure you are 1 of the 3 homeowners eligible to take advantage of this proven opportunity. Spots fill up super fast every time we open up a few! So while it’s fresh on your mind click learn more right now! 👇👇👇

P.S. This is only the most common nightmare our unique system has solved! There are several more..

✅ Our system has helped people avoid the torture of foreclosure.

✅ Our system has helped people cash out of inherited houses.

✅ Our system has helped people sell a house caught in an uprooting divorce.

✅ Our system has helped people who are relocating and need to sell their house ASAP.

✅ Our system has even helped landlords sell an investment house. They usually sound cool at first, and eventually give you real nightmares.

✅ Make sure you are 1 of the 3 homeowners eligible to take advantage of this proven opportunity. Spots fill up super fast every time we open up a few! So while it’s fresh on your mind click here to learn more right now!



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